Environmental Issues in Armenia

Land and water pollution are very tangible problems in Armenia. Many beautiful places such as rivers or streams are scarred by discarded plastic bottles and other waste. There are many simple and costless strategies people can use to help reduce waste and pollution in Armenia. Such strategies include reducing, reusing, and recycling. Making children aware of these strategies will help form lifelong habits that have a positive effect on the environment.

  • Armenia primarily focuses its waste management program on incinerating waste.[1]
  • Plastics account for around 5,000 tons of waste and are one of the major sources of pollution in Armenia.[2]
  • Armenians throw out more than one million tons of trash each year into unlined, untreated garbage dumps[3]

[1] International POPs Elimination Project, 2006

[2] Waste Management: Recycling project announced, armenianow.com, 2012

[3] Armenia’s big trash problem, wordpress.com, 2009

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